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Happy Thanksgiving!

What good is an epic trip across the nation--meeting many interesting characters and seeing many beautiful vistas of nature--without a camera to forever record and share our experiences? I've been looking forward to purchasing a camera for this trip, and that time finally came this past Black Friday.

Yesterday morning, I camped outside Target to get the Nikon S203 for $88.

Nikon S203

Nikon S203

Camera's Charger

Camera's Charger

As a computer science student, I love my gadgets, but I also love nature; I enjoy roughing it in the forest every now and again. However, this trip is a special case: I'm going to need to bring my gadgets while roughing it. The dilemma here is that all my gadgets (camera and emergency cell phone) will require power and their batteries will need occasional charges.

How do I charge these gadgets in the middle of no-where? Well, with clean energy, of course! So far, I've looked at 2 possible power sources: pedal power and solar power. I'm probably going to go with solar power as I don't want to increase the resistance of my already overweight touring bike as I travel in high, high gears over Appalachia and the Rockies.

So, it looks like I might be experimenting with travel-sized solar power panels next semester capable of charging my cell phone and camera on the go. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed to catch the update.

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