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I made it!

On May 28th, I dipped my rear bicycle tire in the Atlantic Ocean at Bar Harbor, Maine.


On August 8th, (78 days later) I dipped my front tire in the Puget Sound at Everett, Washington.


While this trip has been one of the most valuable experiences in my life, it's also been a long, hard journey. I am infinitely grateful for my family, friends, and to the scores of strangers who helped me along my way. And, of course, to my donors--helping to make this world a better place for those with Multiple Sclerosis. Thank you!

After leaving Missoula, I took it relatively slow on my way into Idaho (it was my birthday gift to myself). On August 4th, I climbed Thompson Pass into Murray, ID. That night I met up with the Coeur D'Alene bicycle trail in Kingston, ID.

On August 5th, I woke up just after 04:00, and hit the road just as the sun was rising. That day I rode 80.34 miles to Spokane, Washington by 15:30. I took a long break, called some family, and rode another 20 miles before the sunlight was completely extinguished.

I rode 102.02 miles on August 5th.
I rode 100.25 miles on August 6th.
I rode 102.49 miles on August 7th.
I rode ~80 miles on August 8th.

This was, by far, the most miles I've ever covered in 4 days by bicycle. When I finally dipped my tire in the Puget Sound, my back was aching, my knees were buckling, and several parts of my body were badly chafed.

I rode highway 2 all the way to the its end in Everett, WA. I dipped my tire, got a local reading on the beach to take my victory photo, and hopped a bus down to visit my buddy Brian K in Seattle before his flight home.

That night and the following day I stayed in Bar Harbor with family. I spent another 2 days in Seattle. After sightseeing, I boxed & shipped my gear & bicycle home, and I caught a flight back to the east coast.

Here's the photos I took in North Dakota.

Here's the *first half* of the photos I took in Montana.

Here's the *second half* of the photos I took in Montana.

Here's the photos I took in Idaho.

And, finally, here's my photos from Washington.

Be sure to checkout my photos section to see all the photos I took from both my trips in 2010 (Savannah, GA to San Francisco, CA) and 2011 (Bar Harbor, Maine to Seattle, Washington).

Also, HD vids 😀

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4 comments to I made it!

  • Susan Spinelli

    You made it!! This is Susan, from Susan and Brian. We met in Fargo. Great photos!! We ended our journey this past Sunday. 71 days and just shy of 4,000 miles. No flat tire for me until 24 miles from the END! susanspinelli.wordpress.com is my blogspot ;"Roadposts".
    Brian and I often talked about you after we met, wondering how you were doing. We had no doubts that you would finish.
    Great job.

    • Michael Altfield

      @Susan ty & congrats yourselves! I went to the ACA headquarters in Missoula--lots of memorabilia from the bikecentenial. I looked for Brian, but to no avail. Was he in any of those 35-year-old photos?

  • Nikki Lane

    I'm so happy you made it and are back... your other blogs are lonely :p

  • Joseph

    Looking forward to seeing your next trip, with the new front-roller panniers!

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