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New Photos & Videos Uploaded

I'm back in Rory's kitchen. Last night they brought 30 squirrel fans into the cleared-out building. 4 huge dehumidifiers running with the fans heated up & sucked 4 trash cans 1/5 full of water from the air & bare-bone, wood frame of the building. They sucked the mold-ridden water out from the basement, and we demoed it the way we demoed the upstairs the day before. Tonight they're heating it up & drying it down again.

Remind me never to buy a house anywhere near water. Oh wait--I live in Florida. *shrug*

Anyway, while I've been out volunteering my back at the bike shop all day, my computer has been uploading all my HD media that I've been holding onto for far too long.

Here's photos from Minnesota:

Here's photos from Wisconsin:

And checkout my North Dakota photo album to see the photos I've uploaded of this state so far.

I've also had a chance to catchup on my video uploads. Of the latest batch, here's my favorite. Naturally, it's a downhill 😀

Checkout my videos section to see the others!

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3 comments to New Photos & Videos Uploaded

  • dad

    I guess you are a day behind now? Do you follow the tweets from the BTUS4MS bikers? They are tweeting about poor road conditions ahead for you...

    Stay safe!


  • Michael

    Mike. Hey dude. Clad to see you are still alive. Hope it stays that way. Dude that post office sucked, that was really messed up. Beautiful pictures by the way.

    • Michael Altfield

      @Mike. Alive & Well! Thanks. I'll see you in ~ a month 🙂 You wouldn't happen to need a room for this upcoming semester, would you?

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