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Route Updated

Our departure date is getting closer and closer; we're scheduled to leave this upcoming Sunday, May 23.

I've been working on digitalizing our route over the past few days, and I finally finished with it enough to upload it to this website. Check out our route page to see a map of our anticipated route from Savannah, GA to Berkeley, CA.


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3 comments to Route Updated

  • smccormick

    Stumbled into this site the other day, did you guys leave? Your position isn't being updated.

    I did SFO to Boston last year fully self supported (no SAG) on a Sojiurn. Great time, the bike worked flawlessly with 60 lbs of gear and my big butt on it.
    We followed a similar route as you between SFO to eastern Kansas. Looks like you may be following the adventure cycling route? If so I live an easy day from the finish and a couple of miles off the route. We have plenty of room for you to pitch in the yard if you wish. I know this day is along way from now but thought I would offer.

    Also, if you need any insight on this portion of the route I would be happy to add to your knowledge whereever you'd like.

  • smccormick

    Oh, and if you haven't left and have a burning desire you can get some information from our trip site at http://www.greatisland.net/biketour

  • admin

    Awesome. Yeah, we left, but Boost Mobile coverage sucks, so it hasn't updated. We're in SC. Send us your contact info to michael _at_ 2guys1biketrip.com and I'll get back to you.


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