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Day #23

I'm at the western tip of Kentucky about 40 miles from the border to Illinois--which I should hit today.

I'm happy to say that I'm finally out of the Appalachian Mountains, and back to rolling hills! Everyone tells me that the worst is through; the Rockies are supposedly less steep than Appalachia. At this point, my biggest bottleneck is battling the heat. From 13-15:00, it's practically unbearable. I started getting up at 5:30, but by 8:00 it's already exhaustively hot.

I only did 50 miles yesterday because I ended my day early when I happened across a hostel--the first one I've seen since Damascus, VA. I stayed in the First Baptist Church in Sebree. The accommodations were spectacular. I had my own room, a shower, and freshly laundered clothes (for the first time since North Carolina). There was a kitchen, and the common room was complete with a ping-pong table, pool table, and air hockey table. I shared the space with a family of cyclists: a father and his 4 children (the youngest 11) riding with 2 tandems and a single. Best of all, they had a repair kit for my MSR stove pump, and we were able to get it working again (no more cold beans & spaghetti o's)!

Here's photos I collected from Kentucky:

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