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Day #35

Right now I'm in Newton, KS.

I've managed to keep up with these MS guys. Two days ago we did ~60 miles, yesterday we did 99 miles, and today we're shooting for the upper 80s. It's been tough because they're riding on ultra light road bikes and touring bikes with only a few pounds extra weight, so they're ~20-30 pounds next to my 80-90 pounds. Still, I've managed to keep up with some of their pace lines, and got in before some of the 26 riders on both days. As Kirk says, I may not always be able to keep up, but I sure can catch up! It's quite a challenge, but if their goals become my goals, I'll make it to San Francisco by August 1st--in time to start school next semester (which is a good thing!).

I have more to type, but if I want to make it the next 50 miles to Nickerson before dark, I've got to hit the road!

As always, check out my picasa site to see my photos of the current state I'm in before I post them on this site.

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