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Day #5 - Paradise in the White Mountains

It's our 5th day, and we just crossed into Vermont a few hours ago. I'm sitting on the front porch of an awesome B&B in Sharon, VT. We finished the day with a steep 10min downhill into Sharon. We climbed Kancamagus Pass yesterday--which was our first mountain. Since then, it's been up and down one big hill after the other. The grade hasn't been *too* steep, but I've been crushing it down _long_ down hills maxing at ~50 mph (I rode half-loaded with my panniers down Kancamangus for extra weight on the downhill).

We're all covered in mosquito & black fly bites and hurting from saddle sores, but the beauty of these mountains makes up for all of it. If it weren't for the 6 months of snow, I'd love to live in these mountains.

Tomorrow we've got a light ~45 mile day, followed by a rest day in Middlebury. I'll try to make some blog updates through my off time, including fixing my GPS tracker & uploading the ton of photos I've been taking. Also, keep an eye on my youtube account for new uploads. I took a few sick videos of my decent down the mountains today, and I should have a chance to upload them soon.

Last night we slept in a hostel off the Appalachian Trail in Lincoln, New Hampshire. This is the second night in a row we've been hooked up with laundry and hot showers; I couldn't be happier with the amenities provided by riding with BUSMS. There's a missing edge of the unknown compared to my last tour, but it sure is nice not having to worry about where I'm going to setup my tent each night, where I'm going to get my food/water, or having to carry all my gear on my bike!

At the hostel last night we met 3 hikers that were almost finished with their 3.5 month journey from Georgia to Maine. These guys' trip dwarf ours. Mad respect for backpackers..

Anyway, it looks like the owner of this B&B just served supper (a huge batch of vegan cashew chili), so I'm off to get my protein for the night. Peace out from the glorious White Mountains in Vermont!

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