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Trip #2: Northern Tier

My first cross-cycling trip is complete. It's been 52 days since I arrived in San Francisco, CA. As always, you can see the photos from my trip at my picasa page: https://picasaweb.google.com/102741355756100829102

I'm back in Orlando, FL--where I attend school at the University of Central Florida for a degree in Computer Science. I may be no longer cranking out 50-120 miles per day, but I'm trying to maintain ~100 miles per week. And I can't wait until Summer!

As I mentioned in previous posts, I've decided to bike cross-country again. This time I'll be fully supported byBike The US For MS. MS (Multiple Sclerosis) is a chronic autoimmune disease that attacks the CNS--rendering numbness in the limbs (mild case) to blindness & paralysis (severe case). Each day, ~200 people are diagnosed with MS.

There is no known cause for MS.
There is no known cure for MS.

Over the years, medical research has made terrific strides with medicines that treat the many symptoms with MS. Last year, Bike The US For MS raised $100,109. This past summer, I personally met dozens of inspiring individuals diagnosed with MS who expressed the deepest of gratitude towards the 2010 cyclists. Without funding, MS research could not continue. This research is essential to the hopes of the ~2.5 million people diagnosed with MS in the world today.

This summer, each of the cyclists (including myself) are trying to individually raise $1 per mile--that's $4,295.

With all the attention this blog has received, this goal _will_ be achieved if everyone threw in $25--though I'm sure that many who are personally familiar with the debilitating effects of MS will contribute >$100.

Anything you can contribute will be MUCH appreciated!

My donation page is up on the BikeTheUSForMS website.

Remember, these funds are not for me. They are going to Bike the US for MS--an independent 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization with tax ID #27-2192426. Your google checkout receipt serves as documentation for online contributions.

I'm already counting the months until I head out from Bar Harbor, Maine towards Anacortes, WA! I hope that I can raise the money, and--if I can--I'll be glad to know that my little trip created enough momentum to get you (thank you!) to contribute to the continuation of R&D towards such an important cause.

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6 comments to Trip #2: Northern Tier

  • Hey Michael, nice blog! Just wanted to clarify that Bike the US for MS is an independent 501c3, no longer affiliated with the MS Cure Fund. We now have tax id # 27-2192426. Thanks dude!

  • Dazed

    I am planning to cross the country on my new raleigh sojourn and am inspired by your blog. One thing I notice is your sojourn seems to be missing its front fender. I got the same rack as you I think, Tubus Tara, and notice you can't fit the fender stays to the eyelets on the tara theyre supposed to go to. Is this why you chose to go without it? I just setup my rack and fender to share the same eyelet. DO you think that's a bad idea?

    • Michael Altfield

      @Dazed Actually, I removed the front fender shortly after purchasing the Sojourn. My toes always hit the front fender when turning, so I ditched it before I even bought the Tubus Front Rack. I have no idea if sharing the eyelets will be problematic or not *shrug*. Where are you riding to/from this summer? Do you have a blog?

  • Dazed

    Not yet but I'll probably set one up. I'm doing Toronto to Vancouver. I sorta have the same toe overlap problem with my sojourn, I just today kicked off the second of the little black plastic tips that hold the fender stays, The first one was gone before I got it home. 😛
    If I keep my feet in the right position they don't hit though. I haven't read your whole blog yet but I plan to.

  • Amazed

    I think that it is awesome that you are doing this for such a great cause.

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