I made it!

On May 28th, I dipped my rear bicycle tire in the Atlantic Ocean at Bar Harbor, Maine.

On August 8th, (78 days later) I dipped my front tire in the Puget Sound at Everett, Washington.

While this trip has been one of the most valuable experiences in my life, it's also been a . . . → Read More: I made it!

Glacier National Park & Missoula, MT

Sorry for the lack of update. So much has happened (good & bad) since my last post. Malta was the last of my tailwinds.

After Malta, I fought daily, brutal headwinds that dropped me to ~50 mi/day--slowing my transition from the Montana plains into the Rocky Mountains to a 7mph crawl along the flats for . . . → Read More: Glacier National Park & Missoula, MT

New Photos & Videos Uploaded

I'm back in Rory's kitchen. Last night they brought 30 squirrel fans into the cleared-out building. 4 huge dehumidifiers running with the fans heated up & sucked 4 trash cans 1/5 full of water from the air & bare-bone, wood frame of the building. They sucked the mold-ridden water out from the basement, and we . . . → Read More: New Photos & Videos Uploaded

New Wheel

I'm in Minot, ND right now.

Yesterday I broke a spoke in Minnewaukan--just 2 days after I broke 2 spokes, hitchhiked 40 miles, and was barely able to get my wheel true.

The spoke I broke snapped at the elbow. It wasn't caused by a bump in the road, but it occurred while rounding a . . . → Read More: New Wheel

Yep, I'm solo (again)

I'm in Sheyenne, ND. I've been anticipating an amazon order shipped to the local USPS in this town for days, but when I arrived the postmaster told me he *just* gave it back for return delivery to the UPS truck a few hours earlier: "sorry, I held it for 3 days as a courtesy." (every . . . → Read More: Yep, I'm solo (again)

Photos up-to-date

I'm in Muscatine, IA. Today was a rough, rainy (though short) day. We crossed the Mississippi into Iowa just before this town. As the rain was going to continue through the night, Don made a last minute change to our campground plans and put us in a Comfort Inn for the night. Thanks Don!

The . . . → Read More: Photos up-to-date

Egg Factory Farm

A few days ago I was passing through Foresman, Indiana--a relatively small town before the Illinois border. I was shocked to see Rose Acre Farms' Hen Factory Farm. I visited their facility consisting of 12x 2-story sheds, each with 7 rows of floor-to-ceiling cages, each approximately longer than a football field. Video below:

In . . . → Read More: Egg Factory Farm

No Broken Spokes!

Today was another long day. We crossed into Illinois from Indiana, but there wasn't a sign for either--which is doubly unfortunate because Indiana lacked a sign as well. The good news: no broken spokes!

Tonight we're staying in perhaps the most unusual site yet. We're staying at a park that just happens to be having . . . → Read More: No Broken Spokes!

Day #2

Hello Blog! This is my first post mid-tour. It's day #2. I'm writing this behind a church in New Castle, Maine. We just finished a ~60 mile ride; when we pulled in, we were happily surprised that the local church provided us with hot showers, a plethora of carb-loaded lasagna, and a cozy indoor floor . . . → Read More: Day #2

Day 1

I am writing this from our camp site in Bucksport, Maine on May 28th.

Today we left from Bar Harbor, Maine around 9:30 am after taking photos on the beach. This trip has not felt like a reality for me up until this point. After the first 5 or so miles I realized I could . . . → Read More: Day 1