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Day #56

I'm in Milford, UT.

2 days ago had a grueling start; 80% of the day was climbing. However, the last 25 miles consisted of one of the most spectacular downhill of this entire trip (up there next to Monarch Pass)--even though we had a headwind on the way down. It took us all the way into Cedar City where we crashed in a KOA--which means hot showers & clean clothes 🙂

Today was a short 50 mile'er. When I rolled into town just after noon, I felt like breaking off from the MS group to knock out 30-or-so more miles, but the next stretch is 85 miles of no services--which I'll reserve for tomorrow (which will be my last long-ish day of >80 miles.

It looks like every day through Nevada (which I should cross into during tomorrow's stretch) will each be long stretches of no services. I met a guy going the opposite way (the coolest 5th grade teacher I've ever met) who said Nevada wasn't even pretty--and he told me to carry ample water, of course. On top of that, I took a look at the elevation profile through Nevada. I was blindly looking forward to desert flats (>> than these desert mountains!), but sadly realized that we'll be pretty much climbing 1,000ft hills 1-2x per day. Fortunately, it looks pretty gradual.

I only have 12 more days 'till San Fran. I'm not sure I want it to end! At this point, classes, studying, and exams of college life seem so foreign to me. I expect it's going to be hard to fall back in to my old life after this incredible adventure. I'm seriously considering doing another cross-country cycling trip again next summer. The MS guys are doing the Northern Tier (Anacortes, WA -> Bar Harbor, ME). If I can somehow manage to save up ~$2,000 and fund raise ~4,000, I'm definitely going to sail my way across the country on my Sojourn for the second time--with 1/3 of the weight :)! The only question is: who wants to join me? 😀

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6 comments to Day #56

  • phil

    coming from switzerland and going to vancouver for a work&study-program (jan. 11 - aug. 11) i am planning on cycling down the pacific coast route starting somewhen around sept. '11 - [although i think that this does not fit into the calendar of a student ;)]

    i am reading every blog-entry of you... and the more i read, the more i am looking forward to the time 'on tour'!!

    i wish you a nice rest of your journey!


    • Anonymous

      @Phil Thanks for the input :). Let me know if you create a blog for your trip so I can follow it. What bike are you using?


  • phil

    i will create a blog... and let you know as soon as available.

    regarding the bike i haven't decided yet... but your sojurn seems to be doing a good job 😉

    • Anonymous

      @Phil yeah, I'm really happy with the Raleigh, but--after riding on the trail and talking to other people with a variety of other bikes--I think the best bet might be the Surly Long Haul Trucker. The flared handlebars on the Raleigh Sojourn are great, and disc brakes gave me peace of mind while riding down mountains at 50+ mph in the rain. But I'd definitely check out the Surly too.

  • Eliott

    I'm seriously considering this

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