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111% to $1 per mile!!

I'm typing this update at a motel's continental breakfast in New York State. I'm only ~8 hours (drive) away from Bar Harbor, Maine--and I have terrific news:

Thanks to *your* support, I've now raised $4,784, which exceeds my minimum required donations by $489! I'd like to extend a huge thank-you to the following people/businesses:

Datalex, Track Shack, Erin Conner, Joseph Bishop, Faith Emmanuel, and "guy on stoop"

Also, thanks to all the individuals who donated at my fundraising table (collectively ~$2,000). And thank you to the following organizations for allowing me to table & collect the funds: Maitland Farmer's Market, LocoMotion Bikes, Kyle's Bike Shop, Orlando Bike to Work.

And thank you to all my friends who came to my vegan BBQ fundraiser.

Your donations will benefit 2.5 million people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Thank you!

Be sure to follow me as I trek across the nation from the Atlantic Ocean's coast in Bar Harbor, Maine to the Pacific in Seattle, Washington. I leave in 2 days on May 28th!!

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