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Day 1

I am writing this from our camp site in Bucksport, Maine on May 28th.

Today we left from Bar Harbor, Maine around 9:30 am after taking photos on the beach.   This trip has not felt like a reality for me up until this point.  After the first 5 or so miles I realized I could not keep up with everyone else and immediate panic set in. I knew I had to keep up with the last person at least since I did not feel fully confident navigating the mapped route.  Luckily I was able to catch up to Drew and we stuck together the rest of the day which was very relieving since I felt very worried about not being able to finish by myself.  After about 20 miles or so we ended up taking the wrong road which took us off path about 15 miles and panic set in again. We ended up finding another route and pushed through until we got to the camp site after doing almost 80 miles total instead of the intended 65.

After today I feel much more confident riding in the mountains, and I think I might really be able to finish it.

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