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Day #6

Thanks to Cindy, we finally got a ride out to Savannah, GA and departed on Sunday May 23 in the afternoon.

Things were slow to start, but our miles/day are gradually increasing as our bodies build endurance, and we are slowly getting faster at setting up camp for the night as it becomes more routine.

We encountered a nasty thunderstorm on our first night. The next morning, Quinn read in a local newspaper that 3 homes had been destroyed by lightning/falling trees from the storm. Thankfully, our tent held up just find under the wind and stayed plenty dry from the rain.

It's now our sixth day, and we're taking the day off in Newberry, SC.

I'll try to get in a post after we finish off each state. Here's photos taken in GA:


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4 comments to Day #6

  • Barbara Leddy

    Talked to your parents and found your website. Looks like it will be a few days before you get here. Hope things are getting easier.

    See you soon- Barbara

  • Dan Boozer

    It was a pleasure to have met both of you today. After dropping you off in Spartanburg, Butch Pressley caled me to check on you. I am more pleased to see that your journey has resumed. Godspeed!


  • admin

    @Barbra Thanks. The shower & bed were fantastic 🙂
    @Dan Thanks again for the ride. My bike is as good as new!

  • Lou Gerber

    Glad to see you're on your way!! Hope you have great adventures and collect lifelong memories. Will keep tabs on your progress thru the site. Love from Elyse and Jordan.

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