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Day #11

I'm in Demascus, VA--which is right off the AT, and intersects the Trans-America Trail! Hopefully things will get easier from here on out as I head west to Cali.

Yesterday I passed through Boone, NC--home of Application State University. The youthful college population mixed with hiking/cycling friendly atmosphere made me feel right at home. I took advantage of the and picked up some anti-bear spray. This stuff is designed to ward off grizzlies. The guy at the shop said it's ~5x more concentrated than typical pepper spray, and it shoots 12-32 feet. I take it into the tent with me at night just in case, and zip-tied its holster to my front left fork in case I need to ward off any loose pit bulls (I've already been barked at by a few in SC [who were tied up or fenced] and been chased by smaller dogs who were loose).

I briefly spent last night and this morning in Tennessee. Here's some photos I shot from the area:

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I also added some photos to my North Carolina Gallery, so check my last post for the updates.

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2 comments to Day #11

  • Eric

    So you guys know the Grizzly spray does not work on actual bears, nor does any other method of taking them on besides doing your best to avoid them by making noise and staying away.

    Several hunters have told me stories of being attacked by bears and putting 20-30 rounds of hunting ammo into them and the bears still keep coming. Basically if a bear is pissed and wants to eat you, he will. Comforting thought, eh?

    • Anonymous

      @Eric I read reviews on REI's website of this product where people have sprayed the bears and it worked. If you hit them in the eyes, they will be literally blinded. I think that would be sufficient to get away. Anyway, it's better than nothing. *shrug*

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