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Egg Factory Farm

A few days ago I was passing through Foresman, Indiana--a relatively small town before the Illinois border. I was shocked to see Rose Acre Farms' Hen Factory Farm. I visited their facility consisting of 12x 2-story sheds, each with 7 rows of floor-to-ceiling cages, each approximately longer than a football field. Video below:

In February & March of 2010, the US Humane Society sent an investigator to work at Rose Acre's Farms. Video footage was collected showing the conditions inside these sheds once operational. They discovered routine cruelty including: broken bones caused by intentional, rough handling, killing of hens by gassing them with carbon dioxide, prolapsed uteruses, and high mortality rates caused by dehydration & trampling leading to slow, painful deaths. Here is the footage they published from inside their factory farm, showing the chickens in distress and routine mistreatment.

In June 2010, the US Humane Society filed an FTC complaint against Rose Acre Farms for the conditions of their hen houses.

Don't support a corporation that is responsible of mistreating animals. Boycott Rose Acre Farms. Buy pasture-raised eggs or go vegan.

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  • Nikki Lane

    Thank you, Michael. You are amazing. This market is sick and disgusting and will be remembered as slavery and for all the treacheries that coincide with slavery. People will wonder how *so many people* just sat by and let it happen, or even passively and actively supported it with their money.
    How do we let the government go on with horrors like this subsidized with our tax dollars?

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