Egg Factory Farm

A few days ago I was passing through Foresman, Indiana--a relatively small town before the Illinois border. I was shocked to see Rose Acre Farms' Hen Factory Farm. I visited their facility consisting of 12x 2-story sheds, each with 7 rows of floor-to-ceiling cages, each approximately longer than a football field. Video below:

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No Broken Spokes!

Today was another long day. We crossed into Illinois from Indiana, but there wasn't a sign for either--which is doubly unfortunate because Indiana lacked a sign as well. The good news: no broken spokes!

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Day #28

I'm at in Farmington, MO tonight at a terrific hostel. I've heard best things about this place from many of the cyclists I've passed going west-> east, so I'm sure this will be my best hostel visit of this entire trip. Here's a video I just took of this hostel.

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