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No Broken Spokes!

Today was another long day. We crossed into Illinois from Indiana, but there wasn't a sign for either--which is doubly unfortunate because Indiana lacked a sign as well. The good news: no broken spokes!

Tonight we're staying in perhaps the most unusual site yet. We're staying at a park that just happens to be having their annual festival tonight. The entire location is swarming with drunken rednecks overriding their raised truck's amplifiers as they blast Lynard Skynard. Tonight: beer, fireworks, and the release of Don's BUSMS video #2:

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2 comments to No Broken Spokes!

  • Faith

    Hey! Sorry about your spoke issues! Thankfully you're still okay! Let me know if your group needs washcloths or something (maybe the microfiber ones you bought are wearing down.) I need to put my knitting skills to use. Can I mail them to you before you reach a location?

  • Michael Altfield

    Faith, That microfiber cloth is awesome! You could mail something ahead to a post office, but I don't know if I really want to destroy your work on this tour. Maybe you could make something with the BUSMS logo for when I get back? That would be p sweet... 🙂 Take care!

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