Accidental Rest Day in Malta, MT

Yesterday I rode 120 miles, riding a sick tail wind into Malta, MT.

Just as I was getting into town (~118 mi in), I had my first flat of the tour. The unlucky happening is that this flat occurred in Malta--an area the locals tell me is the mosquito capital of the world. I don't . . . → Read More: Accidental Rest Day in Malta, MT

New Photos & Videos Uploaded

I'm back in Rory's kitchen. Last night they brought 30 squirrel fans into the cleared-out building. 4 huge dehumidifiers running with the fans heated up & sucked 4 trash cans 1/5 full of water from the air & bare-bone, wood frame of the building. They sucked the mold-ridden water out from the basement, and we . . . → Read More: New Photos & Videos Uploaded

Yep, I'm solo (again)

I'm in Sheyenne, ND. I've been anticipating an amazon order shipped to the local USPS in this town for days, but when I arrived the postmaster told me he *just* gave it back for return delivery to the UPS truck a few hours earlier: "sorry, I held it for 3 days as a courtesy." (every . . . → Read More: Yep, I'm solo (again)