Fully Loaded Raleigh Sojourn

Michael here. Sorry for the lack of update. It can be a bit tough trying to schedule a trip immediately following finals week. I know Quinn and I have both been extremely busy with school work, but summer is finally here!

I'm back in Georgia for the summer, and Quinn & I are just tying . . . → Read More: Fully Loaded Raleigh Sojourn

Michael's Raleigh Sojourn

Michael Altfield wearing a UCF shift in Orlando, FL

Michael again.

Michael's Raleigh Sojourn 1

The semester is chugging along, and summer just keeps getting closer and closer. As Quinn said in the previous post, I went ahead and purchased my touring bike: a Raleigh Sojourn (although he failed to mention the numerous bike shops I visited and the day-after-day research I . . . → Read More: Michael's Raleigh Sojourn