Colorado Photos

Here's the photos I took from Colorado. The state is BEAUTIFUL; there's a ton!

Day #46

I'm in a KOA about a mile past Gunnison, CO. This place is super nice. It's one of those RV camp sites that costs a fortune with so many luxuries, you can't even call it camping. Thankfully, I just blend in with the other 26 MS guys, so I dodged the whole "payment" thing entirely . . . → Read More: Day #46

Day #43

I'm in Pueblo, CO. 2 days ago I decided to bike ahead of the MS group 60 miles for a total of 110 miles--my second century+ on this trip. As it turned out, the potentially terrible weather gave us a fantastic tail wind, so they all decided to stick it out and make it to . . . → Read More: Day #43