Day #43

I'm in Pueblo, CO. 2 days ago I decided to bike ahead of the MS group 60 miles for a total of 110 miles--my second century+ on this trip. As it turned out, the potentially terrible weather gave us a fantastic tail wind, so they all decided to stick it out and make it to . . . → Read More: Day #43

Day #37

I'm in Dighton, KS. Today the MS group (and myself) started in Larned, and we're headed to Scott City--a ~120 mile trek! I only have another 20 miles to go, and got here just before 5. We were going to shoot for 150+ miles, but the crosswind today is killer (though, there were a couple . . . → Read More: Day #37

Day #34

I'm in Pittsburg, Kansas. 2 nights ago I slept in the park of Ash Grove, MO. I shared the space with Rocco--another cross-country cyclist going from San Diego, CA --> east. Check out his site at: Also, shout out to Turner--a local of Ash Grove; thanks for the great chat, man!

The next morning . . . → Read More: Day #34

Day #30

I'm in Eminence, MO--happily enjoying the A/C in their public library. I was just going to stop at the local supermarket to pick up lunch, but when I saw the sign on a local pizza joint read, "Lunch Buffet: $5," I couldn't resist! The pizza was satisfactory, but I can't complain; I ate almost 2 . . . → Read More: Day #30