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Day #30

I'm in Eminence, MO--happily enjoying the A/C in their public library. I was just going to stop at the local supermarket to pick up lunch, but when I saw the sign on a local pizza joint read, "Lunch Buffet: $5," I couldn't resist! The pizza was satisfactory, but I can't complain; I ate almost 2 pies, and they're lucky I ate a big bowl of rice + peanut butter + trail mix just an hour before!

To anyone riding the trans-am through Missouri: Be sure to hang a left at Main St through Ellington down ~0.5 mi to Hideaway Pizza for their $5 all-you-can-eat 1 topping pizza buffet!

Tomorrow is going to be my 1 month anniversary of being on the road! Looks like I'll still be in Missouri, but I should be crossing into Kansas a day or 2 later.

I was buying groceries the other day and a woman and her daughter came up and asked about my trip. She told me she has a sister right on the trail between Cassoday and Newton, Kansas who welcomes cyclists. As they were leaving the store, they handed me an ice-cold Popsicle--which was refreshing in the mid-day, summer heat of Missouri. I'm always humbled by the kindness of strangers!

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2 comments to Day #30

  • Dad

    Glad you posted something; your location has not updated in a couple of days. So was the all you can eat pizza worth $5?

    Remember, keep eating, keep drinking and keep peddling. We are in FULL support of your adventure! Enjoy, but try to get done in time for Fall classes.


    • Anonymous

      @Dad Well, I'm about 1/2 way through the trip, and it's taken me 1 month. So, I think it's fairly accurate to say I'll go another month--especially because Kansas and the deserts are supposed to be wonderfully flat--bringing me to early August. So, I might make it yet!

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