Accidental Rest Day in Malta, MT

Yesterday I rode 120 miles, riding a sick tail wind into Malta, MT.

Just as I was getting into town (~118 mi in), I had my first flat of the tour. The unlucky happening is that this flat occurred in Malta--an area the locals tell me is the mosquito capital of the world. I don't . . . → Read More: Accidental Rest Day in Malta, MT

Yep, I'm solo (again)

I'm in Sheyenne, ND. I've been anticipating an amazon order shipped to the local USPS in this town for days, but when I arrived the postmaster told me he *just* gave it back for return delivery to the UPS truck a few hours earlier: "sorry, I held it for 3 days as a courtesy." (every . . . → Read More: Yep, I'm solo (again)