Day #34

I'm in Pittsburg, Kansas. 2 nights ago I slept in the park of Ash Grove, MO. I shared the space with Rocco--another cross-country cyclist going from San Diego, CA --> east. Check out his site at: Also, shout out to Turner--a local of Ash Grove; thanks for the great chat, man!

The next morning . . . → Read More: Day #34

Day #32

I'm in the Public Library of Marshfield, Missouri. Marshfield has a population >5,000, so it's one of the larger towns that I've seen in a while. With the exception of the librarian Nazi, the people I've met so far in Marshfield (at the supermarket) have been great. About a dozen people asked about my trip . . . → Read More: Day #32

Day #30

I'm in Eminence, MO--happily enjoying the A/C in their public library. I was just going to stop at the local supermarket to pick up lunch, but when I saw the sign on a local pizza joint read, "Lunch Buffet: $5," I couldn't resist! The pizza was satisfactory, but I can't complain; I ate almost 2 . . . → Read More: Day #30

Day #28

I'm at in Farmington, MO tonight at a terrific hostel. I've heard best things about this place from many of the cyclists I've passed going west-> east, so I'm sure this will be my best hostel visit of this entire trip. Here's a video I just took of this hostel.

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Tyson Factory Farm

I stopped in to check out a Tyson chicken factory farm yesterday, and videotaped it. Here's the video:

To see what conditions are like inside these sheds, here's a video I did not take:

For more info, check out peta's chicken cruelty webpage.

I became a vegetarian just under a year ago primarily . . . → Read More: Tyson Factory Farm

Day #18

Since the last video turned out alright, I decided to create another during a lunch break at a church in Thomsonville, Kentucky.

Yes, I'm solo

For those of you who didn't already figure it out from the photos & pronoun usage: yes, I'm solo.

Quinn hurt his knee and returned home to Georgia back on our second day in North Carolina. I've been biking solo to California for about 11 days now. The domain name is now pretty inappropriate, but . . . → Read More: Yes, I'm solo

Why Leash Laws are Important

As I'm coming out of the mountains through Kentucky, the biggest issue I've been unfortunately faced with hasn't been the inclines so much as the dogs--specifically yesterday. To any one considering traveling the Trans-American cycling route: don't leave without an anti-dog pepper spray.

I've been fortunate enough to not have to use this stuff so . . . → Read More: Why Leash Laws are Important

Day #14

I'm typing this from the Haysi, VA public library. I ended up spending 2 nights at a hostel in Damascus, VA. It was an awesome experience; I met dozens of hikers traveling north coming from Georgia on their way up to Maine; I got several tips on the camping aspect of my trip. Check out . . . → Read More: Day #14

Day #11

I'm in Demascus, VA--which is right off the AT, and intersects the Trans-America Trail! Hopefully things will get easier from here on out as I head west to Cali.

Yesterday I passed through Boone, NC--home of Application State University. The youthful college population mixed with hiking/cycling friendly atmosphere made me feel right at home. I . . . → Read More: Day #11