Route Updated

May has finally arrived! In 28 days I'll be biking west from the Atlantic coast of Maine toward the Pacific coast of Washington State.

I'm biking 4,295 miles to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis. My path is the Northern Tier. I just updated the route section of this website with a google map of my . . . → Read More: Route Updated

Trip #2: Northern Tier

My first cross-cycling trip is complete. It's been 52 days since I arrived in San Francisco, CA. As always, you can see the photos from my trip at my picasa page:

I'm back in Orlando, FL--where I attend school at the University of Central Florida for a degree in Computer Science. I may be . . . → Read More: Trip #2: Northern Tier

Day #70

It is with a combination of great joy and overwhelming sadness for me to say this: I am in Berkeley, CA. Yesterday I finished riding ~4,000 miles from Savannah, GA to Berkeley, CA (through 13 states) on a bicycle over the course of 70 days. I'm finished.

Me just arriving in the San . . . → Read More: Day #70

Day #62

I'm in Fallon, NV. This town has >7,500 people. It's quite a shock to see so many buildings, business, and life after riding through barren Nevada desert for the past week. Last night we stayed outside a bar in Middlegate, NV--population: 17.

I think tomorrow is our last full day in Nevada. After that, I'll . . . → Read More: Day #62

Day #56

I'm in Milford, UT.

2 days ago had a grueling start; 80% of the day was climbing. However, the last 25 miles consisted of one of the most spectacular downhill of this entire trip (up there next to Monarch Pass)--even though we had a headwind on the way down. It took us all the way . . . → Read More: Day #56

Day #54

I'm in Escalante, UT. I've been riding through the desert for several days now, so water has been scarce, libraries few and far between, and cell phone service has been non-existent. For the second time, my parents have called my phone which I cannot answer, left voice mails which I cannot check, and sent emails . . . → Read More: Day #54

Colorado Photos

Here's the photos I took from Colorado. The state is BEAUTIFUL; there's a ton!

Day #46

I'm in a KOA about a mile past Gunnison, CO. This place is super nice. It's one of those RV camp sites that costs a fortune with so many luxuries, you can't even call it camping. Thankfully, I just blend in with the other 26 MS guys, so I dodged the whole "payment" thing entirely . . . → Read More: Day #46

Day #43

I'm in Pueblo, CO. 2 days ago I decided to bike ahead of the MS group 60 miles for a total of 110 miles--my second century+ on this trip. As it turned out, the potentially terrible weather gave us a fantastic tail wind, so they all decided to stick it out and make it to . . . → Read More: Day #43

Day #37

I'm in Dighton, KS. Today the MS group (and myself) started in Larned, and we're headed to Scott City--a ~120 mile trek! I only have another 20 miles to go, and got here just before 5. We were going to shoot for 150+ miles, but the crosswind today is killer (though, there were a couple . . . → Read More: Day #37